•  Joe Paulfrey

    Joe Paulfrey

         I just wanted to let you know that we put the engine on the dyno today.  After some experimentation with timing, carb spacers, and the jetting you put in the carb,we ended up with 32* timing, 2″ spacer under the carb and the same setup that you put in the carb.  The numbers we got were 711.7 hp @ 6000 rpm and 678.3 ft/lb @5000 rpm.  The motor has 600+ torque from 3900 to 6200 rpm.  Everyone involved was pleased with the results.  Thanks.
    Joe C. Paulfrey
  •  Shaun Smith

    Shaun Smith

    Hey Ken,  Shaun Smith here from Louisville Ky. Just wanted to send you a email to thank you for setting up a wonderful working alky carb. I began running your stuff 7 years ago and have always had great success winning several events. Last year I sent it back to you and you made it bigger for my bigger engine combination, and you hit right on. This year my car has been almost flawless, and has taking us to a track championship @ Ohio Valley. With the help of your carb my car moved 8 hundreds all year from the dead heat to the mid 50 temps, @ one time running 20 straight 5:25 over a 3 week span. Once again thanks for your performance, and customer service you have always given.

    Shaun Smith

  •  Jake Krill, Louisville KY

    Jake Krill, Louisville KY

    Hello, My name is Jake Kill

    I have a 1973 Nova with a SB 350, about 430 HP.  I race it at Ohio Valley Drag way in Louisville KY.  I race in Super Pro Bracket class.  I have been using 110 racing fuel for years and always fight the problem of running under the dial in when the weather changes late in the evening.

    In the spring of 2008 I heard about E-85 fuel and how some Bracket Racers were using it with good results as for as running consistent dial ins time after time, even when the temperature dropped late in the evening. Also the cost of E-85 attracted me.  I have seen it as low as $1.59 per gallon at Thornton in the summer of 2009.  So I decided to give it a try.

    I called Ken Jones at Ken Jones Performance in September of 2008 and ask him to build me an E-85 carburetor.  He did so and I had it on the Nova for the spring of 2009.  Then in March of 2009 I had to have back surgery and that put my racing on hold.

    In July 2009 I was able to get the Nova to the track.  I had a good friend drive it for me.  We ran the car in two classes and went a total of eight rounds.  The Nova ran between 7.03 and 7.05.  My friend Dempsey called Ken Jones and told him about the results.  Ken told Dempsey what jets to change to, and we did.

    We took the Nova out again and we had problems with the car not hooking.  So, after putting new shocks on the front and putting new slicks on the rear, along with going up 600 RPM at the starting line we took it to the track again. Dempsey made four passes. The Nova ran 7.046, 7.044, 7.050 and 7.047.  That is four rounds within .006 of a second. THIS IS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I was all ready to drive in August but then I was involved in an accident. A deck fell on me and broke both of my legs. I am healing well and should be ready to get back in the car in the spring of 2010.

    Thanks Ken Jones for building me a good E-85 carburetor.